PrimeXBT Announces Launch of PrimeXBT Turbo Platform

March 17, 2020
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PrimeXBT Announces Launch of PrimeXBT Turbo Platform - 04.02.20

At PrimeXBT, we are continuing our mission to provide traders with as many profit-generating opportunities as possible. Since our inception, we’ve expanded upon our powerful toolset consisting of the industry-best levels of margin trading with up to 1000x leverage, built-in charting software, and advanced order types by consistently adding new assets, more exciting features, and with them, even more ways to turn a profit.
Our continued commitment to customer service, top-notch trading tools, and innovation in the space, combined with our simple, 60-second signup process and lucrative referral programs have made us the number one choice for multi-asset trading.
Today, we are proud to introduce the latest new product in the growing PrimeXBT lineup of services: PrimeXBT Turbo.
The PrimeXBT Turbo platform is a first-of-its-kind trading product for the crypto market designed to serve savvy traders with a chance to make insanely quick money – as much as 90% profit in just 30 seconds. This all-new product comes complete with its own new user interface and ensures that the PrimeXBT trading platform remains at the forefront of innovation across the crypto market.

What is PrimeXBT Turbo?

PrimeXBT Turbo is a Bitcoin-settled synthetic contract that was designed to simplify trading. Even those who have never experienced margin trading before can easily learn how to operate this simple and convenient platform.
It involves predicting the movement of the price of a certain asset over a duration of 30 seconds, one minute, or five minutes. Traders are already constantly looking to predict which way an asset will move, the only difference here is that it happens at rapid speed.

For example, if you see that Bitcoin is trading at $9,500 exactly, by using PrimeXBT Turbo, you can enter what is called an “UP” contract with a duration of 30 seconds. By simply doing this you are stating that you believe, after the 30 seconds, Bitcoin’s price will have risen by at least 1 cent. If you put $100 into this contract, with a potential profit of +90%, and are correct in your prediction, you are instantly awarded $90. This is almost doubling your money in 30 seconds!
If your prediction is wrong, and Bitcoin’s price dips in those 30 seconds, the contract closes and you lose your initial investment of $100.

These potential earnings cannot be easily matched anywhere else. That is, of course, if your ability to predict the price of Bitcoin is spot on. However, with this huge potential for profit, there also comes a big risk. PrimeXBT Turbo product is not suitable and/or appropriate for all clients due to extremely high risk. Entering into short-term Bitcoin settled contracts could result in a partial or complete loss of your funds, therefore, one should not operate with funds he/she cannot afford to lose. That being said, a lot of traders base their worth on making good short term price action analysis, so this product can be very fun, and a simple path to quick earnings.
The most prominent advantages of the PrimeXBT Turbo platform include:

  • Simplicity – Clearly defined profit and risk expectations are provided prior to positions being taken, with only two order types across three durations: 30 seconds, one minute, and five minutes.
  • Diversity – Wide variety of financial assets – digital and traditional – including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more; as well as commodities like Natural Gas, Brent and Crude Oil; and the world’s most popular stock indices and forex currencies.
  • Style – Bold, user-friendly interface is visually appealing.
  • Stability – Secure, reliable platform with 99.9% uptime ensures no profits are left on the table.
  • Earnings – Competitive payouts are among the highest in the industry.
  • Safety – Bank-grade security to safeguard all user’s funds.
  • Accessibility – Instant deposits with BTC, and low minimum deposit requirements allow traders to get started with very little capital up front.
  • Privacy – No KYC is ever required, keeping personal account information private at all times.

Plus, free Demo accounts will also be made available for a risk-free trial experience. Learn to trade using PrimeXBT Turbo before funding the account with your own money.

PrimeXBT Turbo User Guide: Learn How To Trade With Turbo

Step 1: How to Start

After logging into the PrimeXBT trading platform, you can find the new section dedicated to PrimeXBT Turbo at the top of the website. Select Turbo to get started.
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Randomly selected users of the PrimeXBT platform will be provided with a free 1BTC demo account to give the platform a thorough, completely risk-free test drive before trading with your own money. This way, traders can test all of the unique features and become fluent and comfortable with the platform before getting started.
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After you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time with the platform and become comfortable, it is now time to make your first deposit. Deposits start from as low as just $1, making the platform easy to access and get started with very little upfront capital required.

Step 2 – Fund Your Turbo Account

Once you are ready to begin trading and have made your first deposit, the next step is to make an internal transfer from your PrimeXBT Bitcoin wallet to the PrimeXBT Turbo platform.
First, visit the Account section, then click Deposit to Wallet. Alternatively, you can visit the Deposit page to make the deposit also.
PrimeXBT Announces Launch of PrimeXBT Turbo Platform - deposit 2 1024x574
After a deposit is made, funds are made available in your Bitcoin wallet to be transferred to PrimeXBT Turbo. Simply click Deposit on the PrimeXBT Turbo page, and a new box will prompt you to select an amount to fund your PrimeXBT Turbo account with.
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Funding your account is simple, and in just a few clicks you can make an internal transfer and begin trading your way to profit in no time at all.
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Step 3 – Select Contract Duration

Each and every transaction made on the PrimeXBT Turbo platform has an expiration, similar to options in traditional markets.
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Traders are required to select a duration, or expiry, of a contract from between 30 seconds, one minute, and 5 minutes. Depending on the duration selected, the chart will zoom in or out to provide a closer look at the timespan.
The shorter the duration, the larger the potential profit that can be generated from the contracts.

Step 4 – Choose Investment Amount

After the contract duration is selected, you will be prompted to invest as much or as little money as you’d like. You can invest as little as $1 into a PrimeXBT Turbo contract, or as much as you please.
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As soon as the duration and the investment amount is entered, the system will automatically provide information on how much profit can be made from the contract. This allows traders to consider their maximum profit potential and risk they’re willing to put on the line.

Step 5 – Enter Your First Turbo Contract

Turbo contracts consist of an UP or DOWN contact.
UP contracts are for traders expecting the price to be higher when the contract duration expires, while DOWN contracts are for traders predicting the price to be lower at contract expiration.
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Before a contract is chosen and an order is confirmed, an order confirmation window will appear to prompt you to confirm all details related to the transaction. Because Turbo is about entering trades instantly, traders can also enable “one-click trading” to avoid the confirmation window and allow them to instantly enter a contract.
PrimeXBT Announces Launch of PrimeXBT Turbo Platform - screen shot 2020 02 05 at 2.43.11 pm 1

Step 6 – Watching Positions and Booking Profits

After placing your first order, the order will appear in the PrimeXBT Turbo chart. All of the positions taken will appear on the same chart. In the upper left-hand corner, information regarding the total investment amount and expected profit will conveniently appear under Open Positions.
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Once the contract expires, if the correct prediction was made, profits will be automatically booked into your account. If the incorrect prediction was made, the amount will be deducted from the account balance.
A history of all trades made with PrimeXBT Turbo will be available under Trade History in the Turbo section.
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Optional Step – Take Advantage of Additional Features

PrimeXBT Turbo features a suite of additional useful tools, including a live leaderboard of all traders and their Turbo contract results in real-time. Users can see how they stack up against the rest of the traders on the PrimeXBT Turbo platform and try to beat the rest of the market.
PrimeXBT Announces Launch of PrimeXBT Turbo Platform - leaderboard 1 1024x572
Much like the PrimeXBT trading platform has always included, certain settings on the platform can also be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences. This includes setting the total balance and profit information to display in USD or BTC, or enabling “one-click-trading” for even faster order execution.
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WARNING! THIS PRODUCT INVOLVES SIGNIFICANT RISK OF CAPITAL LOSS. This service is not suitable and/or appropriate for all clients. Entering into short-term Bitcoin settled contracts could result in a partial or complete loss of your funds, therefore, you should not operate with funds you cannot afford to lose.
PrimeXBT Turbo platform is not available to citizens and residents of USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Vanuatu, Yemen, Russian Federation, Japan, Sudan and all European Economic Area countires. It is the Client’s responsibility to ascertain the terms of and comply with any local laws or regulations to which they are subject.
PrimeXBT Turbo services are not governed by any regulatory framework, therefore you will not benefit from the protections available to clients receiving regulated investment services.

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