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Blitzkrieg Fund

inactive rating starinactive rating starinactive rating starinactive rating starinactive rating star
–67.88%Total Profit
–0.09%Today profit
137Active days
0.3062 ETHManager equity
0.5291 ETHFollowers' equity

Join me on the road to 100x ! Mid-risk strategy, invest only what you can afford to loose and take profits regularly at least until you've double your initial investment

Performance chart




Profitability (7 days)+13.57%
Profitability (30 days)–93.31%
Profitability (90 days)–97.80%
Profitability (180 days)
Maximum drawdown (All time)99.63%
Maximum drawdown (30 days)98.76%
Win ratio (All time)69.11%
Win ratio (30 days)53.95%
Profitability (7 days)+13.57%Maximum drawdown (All time)99.63%
Profitability (30 days)–93.31%Maximum drawdown (30 days)98.76%
Profitability (90 days)–97.80%Win ratio (All time)69.11%
Profitability (180 days)Win ratio (30 days)53.95%


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Stars are issued only if the total profit of a strategy is greater than 0%. A strategy can receive up to 5 rating stars — a star being issued for meeting one of the following conditions

The manager's equity is more than or equal to {{minEquity}}

Over the past {{activityLimit}} days, the number of trading days (presence of trading activity) is greater than or equal to {{activeDays}}

Over the past {{marginLimit}} days, the margin usage did not exceed {{marginUsage}}, and the trading volume was more than 0

For the last {{winLimit}} days, the ratio of closed profitable positions in comparison to closed unprofitable positions was at least {{win}} / {{lose}}

Over the past {{turnoverLimit}} days, the turnover has been greater than or equal to {{turnover}}