Announcing 24 New Crypto Trading Instruments: MANA, LUNA, ALGO & Many More

May 20, 2022
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Announcing 24 New Crypto Trading Instruments: MANA, LUNA, ALGO & Many More - Blog 28 02

PrimeXBT has a proven track record of continuously expanding its product offering across innovative features, advanced tools, and popular trading instruments.

Over the years, we’ve added to our extensive set of traditional assets and grown our crypto offering. This time, we are once again focusing on highly in-demand digital assets and are excited to announce the listing of 24 different cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Introducing New In-Demand Crypto Pairs

The new trading instrument listing focuses on more than twenty of the most highly demanded crypto assets from a variety of rapidly growing sectors across the industry, such as dapps, GameFi, or Metaverse.

The complete list can be found below, along with a brief description of the crypto project represented:

  • BNB/USD – Binance Coin – Binance Coin is the native utility token to the Binance ecosystem.
  • LUNA/USD – Terra – Terra is a decentralized blockchain protocol for algorithmic stablecoins.
  • AVAX/USD – Avalanche – Avalanche is a layer 1 blockchain offering smart contracts at significantly more speed than Ethereum.
  • MATIC/USD – Polygon – Polygon is a blockchain scalability framework solution.
  • SHIB/USD – Shiba Inu – Shiba Inu is a direct competitor to Dogecoin and a popular meme coin.
  • ATOM/USD – Cosmos – Cosmos is pegged as the Internet of Blockchains, uniting crypto networks and streamlining transactions between them.
  • NEAR/USD – Near Protocol – Near Protocol is another smart contract platform addressing scalability.
  • ALGO/USD – Algorand – Yet another proof of stake smart contract platform and Ethereum killer.
  • TRX/USD – Tron – Tron is an open-source operating system and smart contract platform.
  • FTT/USD – FTX Token – FTX token is the native utility token for the FTX ecosystem.
  • FTM/USD – Fantom – Fantom is another scalable smart contract blockchain platform built for dapps and DeFi.
  • XLM/USD – Stellar – Stellar facilities low cost, high-speed cross border transactions from one asset to another.
  • MANA/USD – Decentraland – Decentraland is a 3D virtual world offering plots of lands as NFTs.
  • ICP/USD – Internet Computer – Internet Computer seeks to offer a decentralized alternative to traditional cloud service providers.
  • SAND/USD – The Sandbox – The Sandbox is a Metaverse platform where users can create and own virtual experiences.
  • VET/USD – VeChain – VeChain is a supply chain management blockchain solution.
  • XTZ/USD – Tezos – Tezos is a peer-to-peer proof-of-stake platform for smart contracts.
  • FIL/USD – Filecoin – Filecoin powers a decentralized data storage protocol and marketplace.
  • EGLD/USD – Elrond – Elrond is a cheap, fast internet scale blockchain.
  • AXS/USD – Axie Infinity Shards – Axie Infinity Shards are the governance token to the Axie Infinity gaming universe.
  • KLAY/USD – Klaytn – Klaytn is a modular, service-centric blockchain built for enterprises by South Korean Internet service provider Kakao.
  • HNT/USD – Helium – Helium is a cryptocurrency powering “LongFi” – a decentralized wireless network of hotspots for the Internet of Things capable of roughly 200x the reach of standard Wi-Fi speeds.
  • THETA/USD – Theta Network – Theta Network is a next-generation video and entertainment blockchain. Theta lets users watch videos to get rewarded with tokens as they share their internet bandwidth and other computing resources.
  • XMR/USD – Monero – Monero is a privacy coin, which obfuscates transaction information such as sender, receiver, amount sent, and more to achieve total user anonymity.

More Than 100 Instruments And Unlimited Innovation

The PrimeXBT advanced trading platform has evolved into an all-in-one solution. The new trading instruments take the entire list to more than one hundred of the most popular markets today, but that is only scratching the surface of what we have to offer our users.

From bank-grade security to built-in analysis tools, investors and traders have everything they need for profitability. The platform also packs in plenty of other products under only one roof, such as APY-generating yield accounts, PrimeXBT Trading Academy, contests, and the Covesting copy trading module.

New Crypto Pairs Are Now Live

The new trading instruments are now available for margin trading to all. New trading pairs are also available to Covesting strategy managers.

To access the current trading conditions and fee structure, please visit the official website. Remember to also join our exclusive community to discuss the latest market trends, trading ideas, the new crypto pairs, and more.

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