Kate Leaman Levi

Expertise: Finance / Cryptocurrency / Blockchain / Forex / Stocks / Options
Kate Leaman Levi - kate leaman

Kate Leaman Levi

PrimeXBT Financial Content Expert


Kate Leaman is a well-known face in the world of financial news. She has reported for various brokers and leading news sites. She creates news and analysis for some of the leading online brokers and crypto exchanges. Kate has been investing since 2011.


Kate Leaman has a strong background in conducting financial news and research for some of the world’s leading financial brokers, digital exchanges and blockchain projects. She worked as a journalist in Sky News before heading up content at Investing.com. She has become a well-known name in the financial markets as a writer.


Kate earned her master’s degree in broadcast journalism in University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom


  • Award-winning broadcast journalist
  • Ex-journalist at Sky News
  • Award-winning voice artist
  • Investor and day trader in Stocks, Crypto and FX
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