PrimeXBT Interview With Covesting Traders: De Rossini

September 27, 2022
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The Covesting copy trading continues to rapidly expand as the financial and cryptocurrency industries grow and evolve, and savvy investors search for alternatives that allow them to navigate global markets successfully. 

At PrimeXBT, we regularly seek new ways to spotlight our community of top copy traders from around the globe. We recently added a Wall of Fame, Monthly Trader’s Reports, and many other features designed to highlight top-ranked strategy managers. In the past, we’ve also spoken to the traders behind each strategy themselves to learn more about what it takes to trade at such an elite level.

In this latest interview, we sat down with De Rossini, a Covesting strategy manager with more than ten years of trading experience. Here is what they had to tell the PrimeXBT community.

Interview With Covesting Trader: De Rossini

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De Rossini: Always use a stop-loss. If you trade, especially short trades and especially in crypto land, one must be insane not to use a stop-loss. It’s mandatory. Full Stop.

PrimeXBT: Thanks for spending time answering our questions today. To start, please introduce yourself to the PrimeXBT community.

De Rossini: I am a macro-investor with around ten years of experience trading the world’s financial markets. My lifestyle can be described as a perpetual traveler and prior taxpayer, passionate about delving into different cultures. It’s my pleasure to offer you to become a part of the current DeRossiniBTC002 fund, a Bitcoin-based macro investment fund aiming at stable long-term profits without crazy risks or degenerate speculation. That’s not what I stand for. Long DeRossini and prosper, my friends!

PrimeXBT: Where and when did you hear about PrimeXBT Covesting?

De Rossini: It was a promo by Moonboy Carl. I am not even a follower of his these days, but it came in handy back in the day. I think it was in September/October 2020.

PrimeXBT: Tell us about your experience in trading. Do you trade for a living?

De Rossini: I do trade for a living, with about ten years of experience in financial markets. The first five years of trading were a side business that continuously lost me money. For around five years now, I have been constantly profitable and ready to share my success with you.

PrimeXBT: Describe your trading strategy and style! How would you describe your risk profile?

De Rossini: Macro-trend, containment, Fibonacci retracements, VWAP, Elliott waves –– a mixture of technical and fundamental. I have a relatively low risk profile compared to other strategies on PrimeXBT.

PrimeXBT: What is your worst trading habit?

De Rossini: Closing trades too early when a decent percentage of ROI has been made, even though my longer-term take-profit target still gets hit later on.

PrimeXBT: What do you do to safeguard your followers’ from significant losses in a bearish market?

De Rossini: Always use a stop-loss. If you trade, especially short trades and especially in crypto land, one must be insane not to use a stop-loss. It’s mandatory. Full Stop.

PrimeXBT: Trading takes a lot of energy and nerves. How do you relax and take your mind off of trading?

De Rossini: It does not. It only tires you if you have the wrong approach to it. Only do things in your life that are fun and make you happy. Besides, after spending hours in front of the screen: sports and nature are a blessing!

PrimeXBT: What was the craziest thing you ever bought with your trading profits?

De Rossini: My dream car, which I then sold again because cars don’t bring happiness. Bitcoin and low-time preference do.

PrimeXBT: What additional feature would you like to see implemented on PrimeXBT?

De Rossini: Not really a feature, but a few specific Trading Pairs are missing if you ask me.

PrimeXBT: Now, for some quick, rapid-fire questions before we wrap up. Do you prefer manual or automated trading?

De Rossini: Manual

PrimeXBT: Crypto Punk or Mona Lisa?

De Rossini: Crypto Punk

PrimeXBT: 500% profit/month or 50%/year?

De Rossini: 50%/year

PrimeXBT: Thanks for the interview! Any last words? And please tell the PrimeXBT community how they can follow you on social media.

De Rossini: Find my Channel on Telegram: @DeRossiniBTC

More Covesting Trader Interviews Are On The Way At The PrimeXBT Blog

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the mind, personal life, and trading strategies of a top-ranked Covesting strategy manager. In the future, we’ll speak to more top Covesting traders and get additional info on the copy trading community and its participants. 

If you haven’t tried the Covesting copy trading module, be sure to check it out today via the PrimeXBT trading platform or mobile application. Follow PrimeXBT on official channels and stay tuned to the PrimeXBT blog for more updates and interviews in the coming weeks.

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