PrimeXBT Interview With Covesting Traders: Game Night

July 19, 2022
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PrimeXBT Interview With Covesting Traders: Game Night - blog 18 07 2

The Covesting copy trading is continuously growing in terms of attracting capital and number of users and professional strategy managers. Now it features some of the top traders from around the global trading community. These savvy traders must keep performance high in order to maintain a high rank in the Covesting leaderboards and attract followers who can copy their trades with just a few clicks.

Within the Covesting leaderboards is a list of names chosen to represent each trader’s strategy. The strongest strategies deserve community attention. To make the community aware of which strategies show great promise, we will be publishing interviews with top traders and those that aspire to become a top trader. 

Interview With Covesting Trader: Game Night

PrimeXBT: Thanks for spending time answering our questions today. To start, please introduce yourself to the PrimeXBT community.

Game Night: We are a group of friends coming from three completely different backgrounds that met six years ago. Our love of learning about new things, working on projects, and spending evenings playing games with friends led us to where we are today.

The Engineer of our group was born and raised in Paraguay and has been developing for what feels like forever. If you can define it, he can build it. He spends his free time learning about new technologies, especially in the machine learning and AI world.

The Innovator of the group was born and raised in Argentina and is our resident cryptocurrency expert. The Innovator is deeply interested in the possible real-world applications and is involved in his fair share of up-and-coming projects. Our Innovator spends his free time learning about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain universe.

The Analyst of our group was born and raised in Canada and is rarely seen far away from an Excel sheet. Fascinated by logic structures and problem-solving, he has been launching startups since before college. He is always looking for ways to improve, ensure that proper risk management controls are in place, and makes sure long-term goals are front and center.

PrimeXBT: Can you please tell us about the team and how you work together?

Game Night: Together, our group is unique because of how we combine and leverage our different skill sets. We analyze markets and opportunities from three different perspectives. Through our experiences, we concluded that we want this strategy to provide long-term value while never exposing ourselves to excessive risk. An unforgivingly systematic approach is designed to eliminate FOMO and trading on feelings. On average, a position is open for less than a day. However, in some cases, a position can be open for several weeks.

PrimeXBT: What are your goals for the strategy?

Game Night: Together, using our individual sets of skills, we are aiming to provide PrimeXBT users with a safe, trustworthy, and of course, profitable long-term strategy. Our goal is to generate an average daily gain of 0.2%-0.4%, approximately 103%-296% yearly, and keep our drawdowns very low (less than 20%) –– while also creating a fun community of people with similar goals.

PrimeXBT: Where and when did you hear about PrimeXBT and Covesting?

Game Night: Two years ago, I was looking for the best copy trading platform to make my strategy. And finally, I came across the Covesting module, which I thought was great to work with there.

PrimeXBT: Tell us about your experience in trading. Do you trade for a living?

Game Night: We make it more than a hobby –– we take it very seriously. But each of us have different jobs in our professional life, and we feel very comfortable with that. So, for now, we don’t plan to dedicate ourselves 100% to trading.

But who knows –– maybe we will get there someday. At the moment, we are busy improving our skills, and we are lucky to have some experienced mentors we can learn from. 

PrimeXBT: Describe your trading strategy and style! How would you describe your risk profile?

Game Night: Diverse comes to mind. We want to diversify in as many markets as possible within the limits of our time and capital. We want our exposure to one market to be as low as possible. Our goal is to be one of the lowest-risk strategies on PrimeXBT.

PrimeXBT: What is your worst trading habit?

Game Night: Occasionally not knowing when to stop when we have had a long day and are mentally tired. We are very ambitious, so taking a break is tough for us, even when we know it might be better to do so at that moment.

PrimeXBT: What do you do to safeguard your followers’ from significant losses in a bearish market?

Game Night: Continuously re-evaluating the market and never stopping learning. Because we are selling and buying, it doesn’t really matter to us if it’s a bear market or a bull market.

PrimeXBT: Trading takes a lot of energy and nerves. How do you relax and take your mind off of trading?

Game Night: We generally don’t trade on weekends, take vacations where we don’t plug in, and spend our free time with other hobbies. Because we are three people, we can coordinate this perfectly.

PrimeXBT: What was the craziest thing you ever bought with your trading profits?

Game Night: $50k In NFTs. It turned out to be the worst decision ever, but we learn from our mistakes.

PrimeXBT: What additional feature would you like to see implemented on PrimeXBT?

Game Night: A safety rating and unique safeguards for followers against “YOLO” strategies.

Game Night: For example, PrimeXBT could assign a score from 1 to 10 that indicates the risk of the strategy. One in red has a lot of risk, while 10 in green has little or no risk.

PrimeXBT: Now, for some quick, rapid-fire questions before we wrap up. Do you prefer manual or automated trading?

Game Night: Automated

PrimeXBT: Crypto Punk or Mona Lisa?

Game Night:Crypto Punk

PrimeXBT: 500% profit/month or 50%/year?

Game Night: 50%/year

PrimeXBT: Thanks for the interview! Any last words? And please tell the PrimeXBT community how they can follow you on social media.

Game Night: Thanks a lot for the interview and the opportunity to share our story! The PrimeXBT and Covesting community can find us at our Telegram channel.

This is where we occasionally update our followers on what’s going on and answer any and all questions.

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There you have it – original answers and unique insights into the mind of a top Covesting strategy, straight from the source. Taking this step closer to learning about the traders behind the strategy can help potential followers to be more confident in who they choose to follow.

In the future, we’ll speak to more top Covesting traders and get more information and details about the rapidly-scaling copy trading community. If you haven’t tried Covesting copy trading, be sure to check it out today.

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