PrimeXBT Mobile App Update: Exchange Module Now Live, Performance Improvements, & More

June 17, 2022
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PrimeXBT Mobile App Update: Exchange Module Now Live, Performance Improvements, & More - Blog app

PrimeXBT provides traders of all skill levels an award-winning trading platform and unparalleled access to more than 100+ global markets, all under one roof. We have also been committed to bringing the full suite of powerful and professional trading tools to the mobile app experience. 

The latest mobile application update for iOS and Android devices is now live, bringing with it a plethora of under-the-hood improvements and the introduction of several platform features to the mobile app for the first time. Check out what is included in the latest PrimeXBT app update!

What’s New In The Latest PrimeXBT Mobile Application Update

We know that it is critical to have every platform feature within easy reach; therefore, we continue to update the PrimeXBT mobile app with the most-used platform features and tools.

The list of mobile app updates includes:

Exchange Module

PrimeXBT utilizes select cryptocurrencies as margin collateral, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and COV. Within the wallet section of each individual cryptocurrency, an Exchange module exists that allows users to swap one cryptocurrency for another instantly. 

This is ideal for traders who earn one type of crypto from referrals but prefer to trade with a different kind of cryptocurrency. It also allows Covesting followers to be more flexible in the strategies they choose to follow.

PrimeXBT Mobile App Update: Exchange Module Now Live, Performance Improvements, & More - unnamed

Optimized Withdrawal Process

We have also made the Withdrawal process more straightforward and more apparent to understand which wallets you are sending funds to. Visiting the Deposit section will bring up each individual wallet as usual. The experience has changed after tapping on the Withdrawal button and brings up a new intuitive process.

A new Withdrawal window will appear, allowing users more visibility into the address they are choosing and how much funds to send to where. Users can also use this screen to add a new address if necessary. PrimeXBT relies on compulsory address whitelisting as an extra step in keeping customer funds safe.

Sharing Trades 

The trading community is highly competitive, and much fame or notoriety can come from proving one’s success through sharing profitable PnLs online or on social media. PrimeXBT provides a transparent and stylish way to do so via margin trade sharing.

The latest mobile application update now lets traders share PnL stats related to successful trades right from their margin account trading history. Simply visit the margin trade module history section, find the previously closed trade you want to share, and tap the share button to download the supplied performance image or share it directly on social media or to friends in a messenger app.

PrimeXBT Mobile App Update: Exchange Module Now Live, Performance Improvements, & More - unnamed 1

Stability & Performance Improvements

We have also implemented several under-the-hood upgrades and improvements to increase the overall performance of the application. Performance upgrades include stability updates, minor bug fixes, and incremental adjustments for higher efficiency of resources.

Bugs can be reported at any time within the PrimeXBT mobile app by visiting the customer service area at the top of the home section. Customer service is available via live chat around the clock.

Try The New PrimeXBT App Update Today!

PrimeXBT clearly remains committed to bringing its users the best-in-class tools they expect from the platform to the mobile app experience. In time, we anticipate full parity between the browser-based website and the native mobile app. As new features are introduced to the platform, they will be designed for the mobile app in conjunction with a future release.

Be sure to follow PrimeXBT on official social channels and to check back here at the PrimeXBT blog for more information on future app updates or new platform features as they are announced. If you haven’t already downloaded the PrimeXBT app, you can get it for free by visiting the Apple App Store for iOS devices, or the Google Play Store for Android.

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