PrimeXBT Reduces Fees Across Forex and Crypto Assets

December 13, 2019
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Last week, in a letter to clients, PrimeXBT revealed that overnight financing fees would be reduced across crypto trading pairs, and now, the trading platform will become the most attractive platform across any financial market thanks to reduced trading fees on all of the available forex currency trading pairs from 0.01% to 0.001%.

Since PrimeXBT expanded its asset offering to include forex, commodities, stock indices, and more in addition to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and Ripple, it has become the trading platform with the most robust asset variety across the market. Investors are offered unmatched portfolio diversification, while traders gain exposure to a plethora of both digital and traditional financial assets.

Now, PrimeXBT takes another giant leap toward featuring the most attractive offering across all financial markets, by lowering fees across a number of the most-traded assets on the trading platform designed for newbies and professionals alike. Lower fees create an even more profitable environment for traders who enjoy a larger portion of the profit from their successful traders being added to their bottom line.

PrimeXBT Lowers Trading Fees By 10X on Forex Currency Pairs

Not only has PrimeXBT have reduced the trading fees associated with all of the available forex pairs — which include the world’s most popular and most-traded forex currencies — but the fees will be reduced by a staggering 10x across the board.

Forex currencies offered on PrimeXBT include: US dollar (USD), Swiss franc (CHF), Australia dollar (AUD), Japanese yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), British Pound Sterling (GBP), and Canadian dollar (CAD).

New forex fee structure:

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Trading Fees Lowered on Spot Contracts for Gold and Silver

In addition to forex currencies, PrimeXBT has also lowered trading fees on spot contracts for gold and silver, under the XAG/USD and XAU/USD trading pairs.

With gold and silver markets heating up amidst talk of global economic turmoil ahead, these assets are among a trader’s list of top assets to turn a profit in the coming months. With fees reduced by a factor of 10x, there’s no other platform better suited for gold and silver trading than PrimeXBT.

New fee structure for gold and silver:

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Take Advantage of PrimeXBT’s Reduced Overnight Fees on Crypto Pairs

Forex currencies and precious metals aren’t the only assets that have had their fees greatly reduced, letting trader pocket more of their profits than ever before. PrimeXBT also has reduced the overnight financing fees across all crypto trading pairs.

PrimeXBT clients have already been taking advantage of the new crypto fees for a few days now. If you haven’t already begun trading crypto pairs and taking advantage of the new, lower fee structure, be sure to take a look and start trading today.

Crypto assets currently offered by PrimeXBT include: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS), and Ripple (XRP).

New fee structure for crypto trading pairs:

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PrimeXBT Offers The Most Competitive Fees on Stock Indices and Commodities

In addition to the lowered fees on crypto, forex, as well as gold and silver, PrimeXBT also continues to offer the lowest trading fees and overnight financing fees on the world’s most popular stock indices and commodities.

Fee structure for stock indices and commodities:

PrimeXBT Becomes Most Attractive Trading Environment for Traders

PrimeXBT’s advanced trading tools, when combined with lower fees, and an innovative peer-to-peer asset management module with the coming launch of the Covesting module, has made PrimeXBT the most attractive trading environment for top traders and those just starting out.

Top traders typically trade with larger than average position size and a larger base capital. This type of trader will benefit from the reduced fees by ensuring more profit makes it way back to the trader for their successful trading strategies.

New traders who typically trade more frequently with smaller position sizes will be able to grow their capital much more quickly due to reduced fees on each trade. Both types of traders benefit greatly from the lower fee structure.

Together, the two types of traders can synergistically profit from one another using the Covesting module. More details on how inexperienced traders and professional traders can profit from one-another using the Covesting module can be found here.

With up to 500x leverage, built-in charting tools, advanced order types, industry-best security features, a lucrative 4-level referral program, and the largest offering of assets with the lowest fees found anywhere, PrimeXBT has become the most attractive trading environment anywhere.


PrimeXBT traders can begin taking advantage of the reduced fees immediately and are encouraged to do so. New clients considering PrimeXBT for the first time are welcome to sign-up today to take full advantage of the lowest fees across the industry. Registration takes less than one minute and requires no KYC process or personal details.

Stay tuned to PrimeXBT official channels for more updates, and follow PrimeXBT on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

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