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GET up to 50% of what your referrals pay in trading fees

Become an affiliate

How does PrimeXBT Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliate shares his personal referral link
Affiliate receives up to 50% of all trading fees paid by his referral
Customer clicks the link and registers at PrimeXBT
Customer trades on the platform and pays trading fees

Boost your affiliate commissions by 10x

PrimeXBT trading platform welcomes you to become our partner and offers you a share of our trading commission for attracting new traders to the platform

Example 1 / Regular Crypto exchange referral offering

You attracted 1 client to an exchange who deposits $1,000 or equivalent in cryptocurrency
Client makes a one trade worth 1.000$ and pays 0.25% or equivalent of 2.5$ commission
You get 40% (at the best case) of their commission, equal to $1

Example 2 / PrimeXBT Affiliate program offering

You attracted 1 client to an exchange who deposits $1,000 or equivalent in cryptocurrency
Since PrimeXBT offers a leverage of 100x, client can execute a trade worth $100,000 using his $1,000 deposit. Client pays 0,05% or $50 in commission
You get 20% of their commission, equal to $10.
This is a 10 times more comparing to a traditional exchange!
Become an affiliate

Start your affiliate business empire with PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT affiliate program offers you a lifetime commission payouts and allows you to build a full-scale business with no initial investments with 4 level referral system

You get

20%fromDirect referral trading fees
15%fromLevel 2 referral trading fees
10%fromLevel 3 referral trading fees
5%fromLevel 4 referral trading fees

PrimeXBT 4 level payout scheme


Payout calculation example

Assume you recommend PrimeXBT to 5 of your friends and each of them does the same. Below you will find payout calculation if each referred user would deposit a $1,000 to their trading account and trade with 100x leverage

Level #Share(%) from trading feesNumber of your referralsVolume of tradesTrading fees paid (0.05%)Your shareTotal Payout
Direct referral20%5$500,000$250$50$2 425
Level 2 referral15%25$2,500,000$1,250$187,5
Level 3 referral10%125$12,500,000$6,250$625
Level 4 referral5%625$62,500,000$31,250$1562,5

Tips on how to grow your referral network faster

Use these simple steps to reach the audience and bring more referrals. Remember, the more active you are – the quicker you can build your own referral network and benefit from all it’s levels, generating stable income each day.

linkShare your referral link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
playerCreate a youtube video review of the platform
blogPost a blog, describing benefits of trading on PrimeXBT
Participate in trading discussions in relevant forums and Telegram/Facebook groups and promote your referral link
Become an affiliate