PrimeXBT delivers a blockbuster year of growth and innovation in 2023

2023 stands out as a monumental year for PrimeXBT across product expansion, industry leadership, and social responsibility. 

As we reflect on 12 months of outstanding achievement, here are some headline moments that defined the company’s remarkable year.

Thought leadership takes centre stage at Singapore blockchain conferences

In February, PrimeXBT participated in Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023 – one of Southeast Asia’s premier crypto, Web3, and blockchain events. 

The PrimeXBT team delivered an exclusive presentation on “Building Your Crypto Summer Body,” offering tips on preparing for the next bull cycle.

Later in the year, PrimeXBT also attended the Token 2049 Singapore expo, where the company’s presence underscored its commitment to leadership amid a transformative period for digital finance.

Supporting disaster relief in the wake of devastating Turkey earthquakes

When catastrophic seismic events struck Turkey earlier this year, PrimeXBT contributed to critical humanitarian aid efforts by making a donation to the Ahbap Association for earthquake victims. 

This supported access to supplies like food, water and medical care. As part of more than $12.5 million raised by Crypto companies, PrimeXBT’s contribution demonstrated its social conscience.

Cultivating strategic partnerships worldwide

In 2023, PrimeXBT focused intently on forging partnerships across emerging blockchain regions like Vietnam, Turkey, and Brazil.

PrimeXBT delivers a blockbuster year of growth and innovation in 2023 - Viet

This included joining the Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA) as an official partner in May and sponsoring major conferences like BitSampa in Brazil in June. Our outreach spanned hosting 100+ guests at a lively networking party in Ho Chi Minh City, to supporting student communities via educational masterclasses at universities in Hanoi, Istanbul, and beyond.

Through these strategic alliances, PrimeXBT strengthened connections worldwide while positioning itself at the epicentre of regional blockchain innovation.

Empowering local communities through targeted initiatives

PrimeXBT’s global presence in 2023 extended beyond industry networking to community outreach. In Turkey, the company organised competitions engaging top trader teams from AltkoinTurk, CoinOxs and Sepya Traders – awarding bonuses and prizes while cultivating grassroots Crypto advocates.

PrimeXBT delivers a blockbuster year of growth and innovation in 2023 - unnamed

Likewise, in Vietnam and Brazil, PrimeXBT sponsored local conferences and gatherings – raising mainstream exposure of blockchain’s potential.

Launching a game-changing Crypto Futures platform

2023 saw PrimeXBT completely redefine the Crypto trading experience with the launch of its all-new Crypto Futures platform. 

The feature-packed offering includes adjustable leverage from 2:1 – 200:1, cross and isolated margin, a new order book, TradingView charts, and much more. Its customisable layout also revolutionises UX – paving the way for effortless, around the clock futures trading.

Incentivising bug discovery through a $100K competition

PrimeXBT strengthened its security and product quality through a major, public, bug bounty program, with a $100K prize pool. 

Ethical hackers were rewarded for responsibly disclosing issues across critical, high and medium priority categories. This proactive effort enhanced reliability across the board and helped make the Crypto Futures platform best in class.

Expanding asset offering on innovative Crypto Futures platform

Shortly after launch, PrimeXBT’s Crypto Futures platform added support for over 20 new altcoin assets. Major additions included Dogecoin (DOGE), Chainlink (LINK), Cardano (ADA) and more. 

This complemented existing advanced features like the order book tool. The quick asset expansion underscored PrimeXBT’s commitment to enhancing the platform.

Introducing industrial metals as new CFD trading instruments

Rounding out a breakout year, PrimeXBT added five new CFD instruments for trading; Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc and Nickel. 

The base metals joined 100+ Indexes, Commodities, Forex pairs and Crypto assets. To encourage adoption, special bonuses were offered – setting the stage for a strong 2023.

Looking ahead to 2024

With major milestones across leadership, sustainability and innovation, PrimeXBT’s performance in 2023 was simply unmatched. As the company builds on this momentum in the year ahead, the stage is set for even bigger things to come!

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