Explore trading TON/USDT with PrimeXBT

TON is a $21 million market cap coin with over $143 million in daily volume. According to Forbes, it is one of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies alongside extremely high market cap coins like BTC, ETH, SOL and BNB. And now you can trade it with PrimeXBT on our Crypto Futures platform, with 50:1 leverage and low fees from 0.01%!

Keep reading to find out how you can get ahead of the rush and trade TON/USDT with PrimeXBT.

Trading TON Crypto with PrimeXBT

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With a stunning daily volume of $143 million it’s easy to understand why Forbes put Toncoin on its Top 10 Cryptocurrencies list. Since last year Toncoin price has grown 145%, and all the indicators are showing that the next bull run might even surpass last year performance.

Adding to the amazing performance is the fact that at the moment, USDT is at a one-year low, meaning that the currency pair TON/USDT is even more beneficial to traders.

And it couldn’t be easier to trade TON/USDT if you have a PrimeXBT account. Just login and search for TON/USDT on our Crypto Futures platform.

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Once you find it, you’ll be able to see TON/USDT’s performance and trade it by clicking on the button in the order window, assuming you have funds available. Then, you can choose whether you want to buy Toncoin or sell Toncoin against the USD price.

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Security measures when trading with PrimeXBT

At PrimeXBT, we take exhaustive measures to protect our clients’ assets. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Bitcoin address whitelisting
  • Multi-signature technology cold storage of digital assets
  • Multi-layered risk assessment after order execution
  • FIPS PUB 140-2 Level 3+ hardware security modules
  • Encrypted SSL privacy protections
  • Encrypted hashed passwords with a bcrypt cost factor of 12
  • Anti-DDoS protection powered by Cloudfare
  • A proactive technical team dedicated to testing and maintenance

All of these measures help keep your account, your digital assets, and your trading activity secure.

Community and support

We are one of the few online brokers that offers support around the clock, from a team of real people. No more going through a chatbot or prompts when you need answers, or if you need help when trading. Our expert team can inform you about anything related to our services, platforms, and assets available to trade, including our amazing conditions, low fees, and access to competitive levels of leverage.

We also have one of the largest online trading communities, across various global and local channels including Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and your usual social media profiles. There, you can connect with like-minded traders, discuss strategies and history, and learn from those more experienced. By staying connected, you can also benefit from exclusive promotions specifically for the PrimeXBT community.

Regulatory and compliance framework

As a Cryptocurrency. TON/USDT is not subject to restrictive and privacy-compromising regulations. You can trade TON/USDT confidently, without worrying about the effects of tight regulatory oversight. Choosing to trade TON with PrimeXBT means you also have the flexibility to use either fiat or Crypto payment options. This gives you more choice in how to approach your trading of TON coin.

What is Toncoin?

As mentioned in the introduction, TON started as the Telegram Open Network. However, an SEC investigation caused the original Telegram-associated developers to move away from the project. A group of independent developers picked up the torch, continuing and expanding the efforts of the originators.

The “new” TON network seeks to add a long list of features, including a DNS system, an anonymous network, and extremely fast speeds. The TON Blockchain, much like other big networks and Crypto, uses proof-of-stake due to its reliability and scalability.

Understanding the TON network and its unique features

The TON proxy provides yet another level of privacy via a decentralized VPN, which ISPs can not access or view. At the moment its market cap has grown to $21 million, with a daily volume of transactions counting $143 million. This shows that after a cooling of interest during the recent SEC investigation, TON has retaken its position amongst the top ten most exciting Cryptocurrencies.

What is decentralized data storage?

Decentralized data storage is, as the name implies, a cloud-like storage solution, but without being subject to a single entity, allowing an unprecedented level of privacy.

TON’s market cap and circulating supply

At the moment TON does not have a maximum supply, and its circulating supply is 87.6 billion tokens. Its current market cap sits at a very respectable $21 million.

Where to buy Toncoin

You can buy Toncoin from most major exchanges but this this does not allow you to trade both positive and negative TON price movements. When you buy Toncoin and store it in your wallet, the only way to profit is to purchase it at a lower price and sell it when the price increases.

With PrimeXBT, you can buy or sell Toncoin as a derivative, maximising your potential profit and giving you even more opportunities. This enables you to trade the trend and any potential reversal. Additionally, we ensure high liquidity when trading TON/USDT. So, your orders are executed quickly without fear of slippage (when a trade is executed at a different price to that shown).

How to Buy TON with PrimeXBT


Explore trading TON/USDT with PrimeXBT - Check the TONUSDT price chart on PrimeXBT Crypto Futures platform interface. 1024x500

Buying or selling Toncoin with PrimeXBT is easy once you open an account. Simply log in, navigate to ‘Trade’, select ‘Crypto Futures’, and search for TON/USDT in the relevant field.

If you don’t have an account, setting up one and depositing is very simple. Use your email, set a password, and follow the detailed instructions on screen.

Strategies for trading TON/USDT

Due to TON/USDT being at the beginning of its potential bull run, Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a great way to trade this asset.

DCA is easy to use, so it’s perfect for both new traders and experienced traders looking to increase their investment in TON/USDT. Essentially, you set a standard amount that you will invest at a specific interval i.e. $10 a day, $100 a week, $500 a month.

The concept behind this strategy is that prices fluctuate. So, when you buy at a higher price, it will be balanced by the times you bought at a lower price. This averages out the big price changes, saving you money.

You can also use technical and fundamental analysis to speculate on where the price may move in the near future. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) are indicators you can use when trading trends. They can show you the momentum of said trend and the volume of traders trading the asset.

Another option is to use stop-loss and take-profit orders to protect your account if the market moves against you, and lock-in profits before a major trend reversal.

The future of Toncoin

The current Toncoin developers have promised a long list of privacy focused features, including VPNs, DNSs and ways that allow users to buy Toncoin, sell it, or store it in a secure and anonymous way. The scalability and speed that proof-of-stake protocols provide are very promising, as is the ability to create entire ecosystems around this mechanism.

All of this, and other external market factors could all influence the future success of the TON blockchain, and Toncoin itself. However Toncoin price performs in the future, with PrimeXBT, you’ll be able to react to changes in real time, and take advantage of the latest opportunities.


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Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute, in any way, a solicitation or inducement to buy or sell any of our products.
Any material presented under this section of our website is not intended and should not be considered investment research or investment advice. Any Comments and analysis reflect the views of different external and internal analysts at any given time and are subject to change at any time. The recipient acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for any trading decisions taken.

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