PrimeXBT Lowers Fees For Active Traders

November 27, 2020
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PrimeXBT Lowers Fees For Active Traders - 31.11 Fees

PrimeXBT regularly reviews its fee structure to stay ahead of market trends, remain highly competitive, and look to pass on any possible savings to our users.

Recently, we lowered our fees across the board, making our normal, everyday trading fees even more competitive. The reduction in fees immediately resulted in an increase in trading activity on the trading platform.

To further encourage additional growth and to reward our most active clients, we have developed and released a new, progressive, discounted fee structure that provides discounts of up to 50% on all trading fees for traders who achieve a certain level of trading turnover.

New Three-Level Discounted Fee Structure: Up to 50% Savings

The more trading activity conducted on a trader’s account, the larger the discount on fees they’ll be provided, and the more profit they’ll keep to themselves.

The three levels of discounts are as follows:

0–300 BTC Turnover

Traders with under 300 BTC turnover will be offered the basic low fees the platform typically offers to all customers.

300–600 BTC Turnover

In addition to enjoying PrimeXBT’s low rates, any traders with over 300 BTC and up to 600 BTC turnover will have access to an exclusive 25% discount.

600+ BTC Turnover

The highest level of savings is awarded to traders on the platform with 600 BTC or greater turnover with an exclusive 50% discount — twice the savings of the second level.

Terms and Conditions

Turnover is calculated within a 30-day timeframe, and if the conditions are met within that time frame, the appropriate level of discount is automatically applied.

Account Status Widget Added To PrimeXBT Platform

So that our customers are always aware of the opportunities provided to them, we’ve added a new Account Status widget among the growing list of widgets users may set up to customize their user experience.

PrimeXBT Lowers Fees For Active Traders - 1Bo1Hjy1epb3uEfyGXMCNNQ

In addition to the new, three-level fee system, PrimeXBT often provides its users with unique promotional discounts. The new widget will display any discounts applied to the account currently, including any discounts related to the new fee structure, or if the discount is promotional in nature. The Account Status system and widget will automatically apply the best discount possible to the account, ensuring no savings are ever left on the table.

The up to 50% off discount will be applied to the already low existing fees across all of the assets offered on the platform, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stock indices.

By rewarding our most active traders, we want to give back to the trading community that has helped PrimeXBT become an industry leader through the word of mouth of top traders experiencing the platform first-hand.

New Fee Structure Available Immediately For Active Traders

The new, progressive, three-level fee system goes into effect immediately and any traders with over 300 and 600 BTC turnover will automatically have the discount applied to their account and may immediately begin taking advantage of the savings. The new Account Status widget is also live and may be used to track turnover progress.

As always, users are welcome to reach out to our friendly, live, 24–7 support staff is available to answer any questions about the new fee structure and account eligibility.

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