Copy Trading fees and conditions

We’re committed to your success as a trader, which is why we offer some of the best Copy Trading conditions around.

How copy trading profit share works?

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Copy Trader

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Profit$240 (60%)
Total PnL+$400
Profit$80 (20%)

Profit Share



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Copy Trader


Past performance of PrimeXBT traders is not indicative of future results. Trading involves risk

It's super simple

Step 1

Sign up to PrimeXBT

Step 2

Deposit funds in any currency.

Step 3

Select the strategy you like and start copying

Step 4

Receive 60% to 75% of the profits on each trade

Are you a profitable pro trader?

Our quick and easy sign up process is one of the things our clients love about us. It’ll literally only take you a couple of minutes to get started and you can earn 20% profit share on your followers wins!

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Other things to think about

We pride ourselves on giving you as many options as possible when it comes to your trading. That’s why, in addition to MT5, we also offer our own PrimeXBT WebTrader & App.

  • Volatility

    How volatile a market is affects how quickly the price of assets can change, so be prepared.

  • Margin

    The required margin is different for each trade, so make sure your account is appropriately funded.

  • Leverage

    Higher leverage can help increase profitability, but can involve more risk, and needs to be managed.

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