Crypto Futures trading fees and conditions

At PrimeXBT, we want you to succeed as a trader. That's why we offer some of the lowest fees on the market.


Benefit from low Maker/Taker fees and flexible funding rates.

Taker feeThe fee you pay for market order execution
Maker feeThe fee you pay for limit order execution
Funding rateThe fee you pay for keeping positions open
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LeverageMargin requirements to open a futures contract
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Fees on Crypto Futures

Trade the Futures market with perpetual contracts on popular Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, with flexible funding rates and low Maker/Taker fees.

Maker and Taker fees explained

Taker fee

Taker fee is incurred when you "take" existing liquidity by executing a market order.
  • Example:
  • 1. BTC/USDT is trading at 69k
  • 2. You place a Buy BTC/USDT market order
  • 3. Order is executed instantly at 69k
  • 4. You will pay 0.02% fee on the trade

Maker fee

Maker fee is incurred when you "provide" liquidity by placing a Limit order and it gets executed.
  • Example:
  • 1. ETH/USDT is trading at 3900
  • 2. You place Limit order to BUY at 3800. By doing so, you provide additional liquidity
  • 3. Market reaches your Limit order and it gets executed
  • 4. You will pay 0.01% fee on the trade

How are funding rates calculated?

The formula:

  • Funding Rate (%) x Asset Price x Amount (position size)

Crypto Futures example

  • Asset: BTC/USDT
  • Asset price: 69,000
  • Amount: 1 contract
  • Funding rate 0.01% charged every 8 hours
  • 0.01% x 69,000 x 1 = 6.9 USDT
  • The account will be charged 6.9 USDT every 8 hours for open position of 69,000 in BTC/USDT

FAQs about Crypto Futures fees

When Crypto Futures trading, a funding rate is charged every 8 hours for all open positions, representing the cost of borrowing funds to maintain said positions on the market. The rate ensures fair pricing and helps align the value of the Futures contract with that of the underlying asset.
Funding rates or overnight financing help keep Crypto Future prices stable. They reward traders who go along with the market trend and charge those who go against it. If a contract’s price is higher than the actual price, buyers pay sellers a fee. If it's lower, sellers pay buyers.
Taker fees are charged when you "take" existing liquidity from the market by executing a market order. Maker fees are charged when you "provide" liquidity to the market by placing a limit order that gets executed. Maker fees are always lower than Taker fees, as a reward to traders for adding liquidity to the market.
We offer some of the lowest fees in the industry when it comes to Crypto Futures trading, starting from just 0.01% for Makers.

Other things to consider

There’s more to think about than just spreads, commission, and overnight fees when assessing your potential profitability. Below are a few more things to consider.

  • Volatility

    How volatile a market is affects how quickly the price of assets can change, so be prepared.

  • Margin

    The required margin is different for each trade, so make sure your account is appropriately funded.

  • Leverage

    Higher leverage can help increase profitability, but can involve more risk, and needs to be managed.

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