PrimeXBT Trading Infrastructure Moves to Switzerland

February 17, 2021
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PrimeXBT always strives to provide the most advanced trading tools and secure trading infrastructure for the global trading community.

While the trading tools and other client-facing features offered by the platform are of the utmost importance, the company’s business architecture, growth strategy, geo-location, and even where the trading infrastructure is based are equally important for our clients, even if how these vital factors impact the trading experience aren’t immediately apparent.

To ensure our clients continue to be offered the highest level of security and privacy, PrimeXBT will move its website domain, along with the hosting of our trading infrastructure, to the welcoming, crypto-friendly country of Switzerland.

This process will be executed gradually over the course of several steps to ensure the smoothest transition possible for our clients.

What Changes To Expect When PrimeXBT Moves to Switzerland

Clients can rest assured that the change will be smooth, gradual, and for the most part, unnoticeable. The most active traders may experience improved performance due to the trading infrastructure being in closer proximity to the direct cross connection with partner exchanges and liquidity providers.

In addition, a new network solution has been designed to ease the fragmentation of connectivity across the 24/7, 365 crypto market and provide institutional and individual clients with a secure, robust environment for reliable and profitable trading.

The only visible change clients will encounter during this process, is a simple and planned change of our website domain from to This domain change represents the change in the geo-location of the hosting of our advanced trading infrastructure — nothing more. We recommend you update any bookmarks, however, clients will be automatically redirected to the new .ch domain from the old .com domain.

Why PrimeXBT Chose the Crypto-Friendly Switzerland

Switzerland, like the island nation of Malta, is known for being a crypto-friendly jurisdiction and welcoming to any blockchain or crypto-focused businesses. Switzerland has a proven track record of demonstrating support and providing a pressure-free environment for crypto companies other than PrimeXBT. Several well-known International crypto brands are located within Swiss borders in the city of Zug — also known as Crypto Valley.

PrimeXBT is also a member of the prestigious Crypto Valley Association— an ecosystem of supporting blockchain and crypto businesses and technologies.

What’s Next for PrimeXBT In Switzerland?

For the time being, PrimeXBT will continue its business operations under St. Vincent and the Grenadines jurisdiction, while beginning the process to move only the trading infrastructure and website domain to Switzerland. PrimeXBT executive officials consider moving headquarters to Switzerland in time, after conducting deep research into the regulatory framework to ensure it remains in the best interest of our clients.

Company officials will share the findings of their research and provide further updates in the coming months.


By moving the trading infrastructure and website domain to Switzerland, the personal data of PrimeXBT clients will see increased privacy protection. Trading performance will also improve, and the website domain will redirect from .com to .ch following the move. The necessary changes are normal, expected, and for the benefit of all PrimeXBT clients.

We will share additional updates of this gradual process as needed. Stay tuned to our official channels for any future updates, and as always, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service.

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