$100,000 Bug Bounty Contest – Test Drive The New PrimeXBT Platform

July 7, 2022
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$100,000 Bug Bounty Contest - Test Drive The New PrimeXBT Platform - Blog 06 07

The PrimeXBT development team is continuously working on new features and improvements, as well as dramatic changes to the award-winning trading platform and infrastructure.

In the coming months, PrimeXBT plans to introduce a new update to the trading platform. Ahead of the important new platform launch, we have prepared a Bug Bounty Contest with a significant prize pool of $100,000.

Here is everything you need to know about the $100,000 Bug Bounty Contest, including how to report bugs and participate for a chance to win a piece of the massive prize pool.

All About The $100,000 PrimeXBT Bug Bounty Contest

The Bug Bounty Contest includes a test drive of the new PrimeXBT platform planned for a launch in the next few months. Therefore, users can earn prizes for trading or finding minor or critical bugs. 

The PrimeXBT $100,000 Bug Bounty Contest will be hosted in the Contests section of the PrimeXBT account dashboard. Risk-free virtual funds are offered to ensure that users can thoroughly test the new platform and its features – and increase the likelihood of encountering bugs.

Rewards for discovering and reporting bugs are much greater than what is awarded for trading.  Reporting such bugs helps the PrimeXBT development team track down and remove issues that could hinder the user experience. 

A massive $100,000 prize pool is dedicated to bugs, while a second $1,000 prize pool is up for grabs for the top ten traders to rank in the Contest will each receive $100. 

The Bug Bounty Contest is designed for both traders who will utilize the platform as intended, as well as IT professionals with internet security experience who can help weed out any loopholes or security risks in the software.

$100,000 Bug Bounty Contest - Test Drive The New PrimeXBT Platform - Group 1145

Enter For A Chance To Win A Piece Of The $100,000 Prize Pool

To enter, simply navigate to the Contests section of the PrimeXBT account dashboard and locate the PrimeXBT Bug Bounty Contest and click Join. You can also click here to reach the Bug Bounty Contest page directly. Demo funds will be provided to all users entered in the contest to allow users the chance to fully test the platform and report bugs in a completely risk-free environment. 

Reporting bugs automatically will enter users for a chance to win part of a prize pool of up to $100,000. Rewards are broken down across two tiers of bug reporting: Trading Bugs and Security Bugs. 

Trading Bugs are ranked from low, medium, to high and include: 

  • High ($2,000 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Incorrect margin calculation.
    • Incorrect liquidation price calculation.
    • Unauthorized deposit/withdrawal of funds.
    • Incorrect Profit/Loss calculation.
  • Medium ($1,000 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Incorrect calculation or charge of fees.
    • Incorrect calculation or charge of financing fees.
    • Incorrect creation/execution/cancelation of orders. Incorrect modification of orders and positions. Incorrect position closure.
  • Low ($100 – $500 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Incorrect reflection of account metrics.
    • Other minor bugs.

Reportable Security Bugs include:

  • Critical ($10,000 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Remote Code Execution (RCE).
    • Significant Accounting Manipulation.
    • SQL Injection.
    • Significant Authentication / Authorization Bypass.
    • Significant Cross-Site Scripting / Cross-Site Request Forgery.
  • High ($5,000 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Sensitive Data Exposure.
  • Medium ($3,000 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Cross-Site Request Forgery (СSRF, Flash cross-domain requests).
  • Low ($2,000 reward for each valid bug report)
    • Misconfigurations.
    • Missing rate limits.

Users are eligible to earn rewards for reporting both Trading Bugs and Security Bugs. 

In the event that multiple users report the same bug, the first user to send a detailed description will receive the reward.

Bug Bounty Contest Entry Details And How To Report Bugs

The PrimeXBT $100,000 Bug Bounty Contest begins July 7 and runs through July 29. Users can take part at any time during the contest duration.

To report a bug to PrimeXBT, complete the following steps:

1. Join the Bug Bounty Contest in the Contests section of the PrimeXBT dashboard.

2. Prepare a detailed report:

  • Select a bug category and name from the PrimeXBT Bug Bounty list
  • Describe how to reproduce the bug.
  • Attach a screenshot or screen recording of the bug whenever possible.

3. Indicate the contest account number associated with your user account.

4. Send the email to [email protected] 

Note: Report emails will be processed manually, and a response will be sent to the bug reporter’s email with an update on the acceptance and status of the bug (i.e., confirmed, already reported, etc.).

$100,000 Bug Bounty Contest - Test Drive The New PrimeXBT Platform - Group 1146

Enter The PrimeXBT $100,000 Bug Bounty Contest From July 7 – 29

Starting on July 7, users can join the Contest at any time throughout and report bugs through the end of the contest phase on July 29. Those who are first to successfully report bugs will get a chance to win part of a $100,000 prize pool. Remember, there is an additional $1,000 awarded to the top ten traders ($100 each) who place in the trading Contest, adding more ways to win with PrimeXBT.

Results will be tallied on August 9, and all users who have identified confirmed bugs in the new PrimeXBT platform will be issued their rewards. Rewards will be issued to trading accounts using promo codes. Funds become available for trading immediately once the promo code is used and applied to the account.

Don’t miss this chance to help contribute to the future of PrimeXBT and earn a piece of the enormous $100,000 prize pool at the same time! Enter the PrimeXBT $100,000 Bug Bounty Contest beginning on July 7

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