PrimeXBT 2022 Recap: A Year Of Successful Milestones And Outstanding Achievement

2022 was a challenging year for the cryptocurrency market and other global financial markets. Many crypto trading platforms and companies folded under the pressure of the ongoing crypto winter. 

PrimeXBT, a platform born during the 2018 crypto winter, has taken its vast industry experience and led the company to boldly build out its products and service during the bear market. 

The result is a calendar year filled with successfully reaching roadmap milestones and outstanding industry achievement. Here is a recap of the company’s most productive year on record. 

Filling Out The PrimeXBT App With New And Important Features 

A significant focus of the rapidly-expanding PrimeXBT was to bring the full suite of powerful trading tools and cryptocurrency-based products and services to the award-winning mobile application. An upgraded native app was released for both Android and iOS as a free download. 

The ability to buy crypto using a VISA or Mastercard in just a few taps was added to the mobile app interface through the wallet section, where a new exchange module was also added. This tool allows users to swap one type of cryptocurrency for another. For example, BTC earned through the referral program can be exchanged for USDT for stable trading collateral. 

The new native app allows for faster updates when new features are released. As such, Covesting strategy management was quickly launched shortly after via an update, giving copy traders complete control over their positions and portfolios while on the go. Followers can also manage their portfolio of followings using the smartphone application. 

Added Attention To Trust And Transparency Surrounding Copy Trading

As a chief competitive advantage, PrimeXBT also put a lot of extra attention into its copy trading product, especially around increased transparency and trust. Covesting strategy manager trading history was added, and monthly trader reports were introduced via the company’s official blog

The blog has also begun running an interview series with top Covesting traders to give the audience insight into the inner workings of the world’s best traders. A new Discord server was also launched for the trading community to interact and receive exclusive updates directly from the PrimeXBT team. 

Other significant announcements made on the company blog include the launch of an all-new Rewards Center and a $100K Bug Bounty Contest. The Rewards Center lets users earn crypto bonuses to their account by completing simple tasks, like making a first deposit.

Bolstering The Product Line-Up And Growing To 100+ Instruments 

PrimeXBT is known for margin trading with leverage using BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and other popular cryptocurrencies as collateral to trade commodities, stock indices, forex currencies, and a wide range of the hottest cryptocurrencies today. 

The company expanded its list of crypto assets available as trading pairs on the margin trading platform with the launch of 24 new instruments. The list of new digital asset trading pairs included Polygon, Algorand, Avalanche, Axie Infinity, and many others. This took the total of trading instruments offered by PrimeXBT to more than 100+. 

The platform also integrated support for the Tron and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. In addition to making deposits in Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, users can, for the first time, also deposit BEP-20 and TRC-20 tokens. The alternatives were added to minimize the impact of fees on users and increase deposit and withdrawal speeds. 

Get The Benefits Of The Most Trusted Crypto Trading Platform Of 2022

Closing out what was an incredible calendar year for PrimeXBT, the company ended the year on a high note winning the award for Most Trusted Crypto-Asset Trading Platform by Crypto Expo Dubai, adding to a long list of industry honors. 

PrimeXBT held a presentation at Crypto Expo Dubai, led by the Head of Trading at the PrimeXBT Trading Academy, Dirk Hartig. Hartig spoke about how to prepare for the eventual end of crypto winter and how to get in summer shape for when the bull market returns. 

The company itself is following that same strategy, building itself up during the bear market so it can see sustained growth during the next bull market. You can, too — prepare for the end of crypto winter with PrimeXBT and reap the benefits of a year of outstanding achievement. 

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