PrimeXBT Launches $100,000 Trading Competition To Celebrate New Product Release

November 29, 2021
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Today, PrimeXBT is excited to reveal the launch of an innovative feature that will inspire friendly competition amongst the trading community: the all-new Contests module. This brand new exciting tool allows users to join various contests, trade using virtual funds, and beat other participants by climbing in the leaderboard rankings. 

We plan to host multiple trading competitions on a weekly and monthly basis and offer generous rewards to users who show the highest ROI (Return On Investment) during each trading competition period.

To celebrate the release of the Contest module, PrimeXBT is also launching the Grand Trading Competition with a prize pool of $100,000 which will be shared amongst the ten best performing traders. 

The first-place winner will receive a mind-blowing $50,000 reward credited to his PrimeXBT margin account immediately after the competition is finished, while the second-place runner-up will receive $20,000, and third place will get $10,000. Depending on their ranking, all other winners will be rewarded with prizes between $500 and $7,000!

As previously mentioned, all trades are made risk-free using virtual funds, and competitions rely on live market data to mimic a real-time trading environment. No deposit or entry fee is required – all you have to do in order to win the prize is to join the contest and beat other participants by showing the best possible ROI performance. 

Notably, a wide range of markets are available for trading during the competition. Whether it’s forex, crypto, metals, oil, or stock indices – you choose your weapon to win the battle. Let’s get started!

Contests For All Types Of Traders

As the Covesting copy trading platform global leaderboards have demonstrated, traders love to test their skills and show their success to the rest of the world. All over social media and within financial-related forums and crypto sites, traders share their wins and losses.

The Contests module will become a growing ecosystem of trading competitions, where users of all skill levels come to do battle and potentially take home a piece of the reward prize. 

The no-risk and free entry system lets newcomers learn trading skills and gain valuable education and experience in a real-time environment. Professional traders can also demonstrate their expertise more broadly and improve engagement around their followings, all while getting a chance to earn a part of the prize. Various platform partners can also leverage the Contests module to create branded community trading competitions, using it to attract and engage with their audiences.


A Closer Look Into PrimeXBT Contests Module

We did our best to make this product enjoyable and easy to use – as we do with all features we release. Next, here is a quick look at how this brand-new tool works in practice.

By clicking Contests in the main platform menu, users can view all active and upcoming competitions. In order to join the competition – you simply have to click on the Join button. No entry fees or deposit is required to enter the contest. Selecting a specific competition allows users to view the conditions necessary to qualify and win the prize.

For example, some competitions may have a minimum trading volume requirement or a required minimum number of trades. Without fulfilling those requirements – you won’t be eligible for a reward even if your performance is the highest. 

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This is where you will find all the active contests and info about them, such as the awards, when it begins and ends, and the requirements to join. 

Once the competition commences – users can view the real-time leaderboard rankings of all participants based on trading competition performance (ROI). As you may suspect – the higher the return you manage to make on your virtual trading account, the higher you will climb in the rankings.

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In the ‘My Contests’ tab you will find information about contests you have entered. Here you can see things like your rank in the competition, your turnover and trades etc. 

Joining a Contest is Easy

To be a part of a contest takes three easy steps. Once you have found a contest you like on the all contests page, click on it. 

  • Click join on the contest page

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You can also just click view on a contest to see what is going on inside and to have a look at how other competitors are doing before you join. 

  • Enter your nickname for each contest.

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Below is what a contest page looks like showing you all the information you need to try and be the best trader in the contest!

PrimeXBT Launches $100,000 Trading Competition To Celebrate New Product Release - 3 2

  • Once you have joined, simply click trade to get going!

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This contest card will stay on your ‘My Contests’ page making it easy to see when it will end, where you rank and how many people are in the competition. 

Once the competition is finished – all qualified winners will receive an email containing all the necessary information about how to claim their reward.

The PrimeXBT Contest module is suitable for all types of traders and is mainly aimed at improving the trading skills of all participants while creating an exciting and engaging environment. 

The all-new Contests module joins other recent releases within the PrimeXBT roadmap, including the native iOS application, Covesting yield accounts, and other innovative tools and features we have already included in our suite.

Stay tuned to the official PrimeXBT blog and social media platforms for further information on PrimeXBT Contests and join the Grand Trading Competition today to grab a piece of the $100,000 prize pool! 

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