What is a Crypto Saving Account? How to Earn Interest on Crypto?

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By PrimeXBT

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August 26, 2022
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What is a Crypto Saving Account? How to Earn Interest on Crypto? - blog 208 2

One of the best ways to earn when it comes to financial markets is through this steady return of interest. While most bond and stock traders understand the ability to benefit from interest accounts, those new to the crypto world may not be aware of the ability to earn interest on their crypto, much like the traditional financial world. In this guide, we’ll talk about earning interest on your holdings.

What is a Crypto Interest Account? 

A crypto interest account is often found on a crypto platform that allows you to earn interest on digital assets you already have bought. For example, you may agree to lend out Bitcoin in exchange for interest. This is similar to how a savings account would work at a bank; as you deposit money, the bank lends it out and pays you back your money plus interest. 

The appeal of crypto interest accounts has grown significantly over the last few years as interest rates in traditional finance are minuscule. This allows crypto interest accounts to continue attracting inflows because staking rates can be much higher than your local bank.

How do Crypto Savings Accounts work?

Using a crypto savings account makes sense if you plan to hold your crypto for a significant amount of time. If you do not need access to your crypto, there’s no reason not to earn cryptocurrency while holding it. Traditional finance’s best high-yielding savings accounts will pale compared to crypto banks. This is one of the biggest areas of interest in crypto climbing yet again.

Why consider crypto savings accounts?

There are many reasons you would want to open up a crypto interest account, not the least of which would be higher returns. However, it is difficult to compare returns over the long term because the exchange rate will change so frequently. For example, suppose you are looking at a traditional savings account. In that case, it’s easy to determine the rate of return because the US dollar, Euro, or whatever national currency you use will stay the same. 

Some of the significant differences include: 

  • Higher rates: Higher interest rates are found in the crypto world, so savings accounts are much more attractive. However, you should be cautious because there have been bankruptcies for places like Celsius, offering as much as a 17% interest rate. Traditional savings accounts have mired below 1% in the US for years.
  • Returns are challenging to compare: With the massive volatility that we see in crypto, it’s difficult to truly compare your returns because the value of crypto is so unstable.
  • Withdraw fees and limits: Not all savings accounts have the same fees and limits. Some have what are known as flexible terms, meaning that you can withdraw at any time. Others have fixed terms, meaning you will agree not to access the funds for some time. 

What Are the Risks of Crypto Savings Accounts? 

As with any other financial product, specific risks are involved in a crypto savings account. Some of the risks include the following: 

  • No deposit insurance: Most crypto deposit schemes do not have any type of insurance. This is slowly starting to change through government regulation, but it is not something you can count on yet. If the firm you deposit with goes bankrupt, there’s no guarantee that you could get your funds back.
  • Default risk: There is the possibility that a borrower will not be able to pay back. Understand what the exchange is doing if borrowers default on crypto loans to help lenders protect the risk to the downside. Make sure to read all of the “fine print” in any agreements that you need to sign off on.
  • Digital assets are volatile: Unfortunately, there’s no way to prepare for the possibility of wild swings in the value of the underlying crypto. For example, your crypto deposit of Bitcoin may have been made at $50,000, only to see Bitcoin drop to $21,000. Furthermore, some coins have disappeared altogether, meaning it does not matter how much interest you earn because it all goes to zero.

Crypto Savings Accounts Vs. Crypto Wallets 

When thinking about how to store your crypto, you need to understand that there are some significant differences between simply putting crypto in a wallet or depositing your crypto into a crypto savings account. A few of the essential differences are as follows: 


When you have your crypto in a wallet, you will not be able to increase the number of coins you own over time without purchasing more. However, when depositing your crypto with a crypto savings account, the crypto you own will increase over time due to interest payments. This is like the traditional account but uses a cryptocurrency instead of dollars, pesos, or euros.

Key Ownership

When you open up a crypto savings account, you often give up access to your keys. This is what allows the exchange to lending your crypto to other people. Some investors like this, so they choose to avoid these accounts. This is one of the biggest concerns with depositing. 


Depending on the crypto wallet, it could be thought of as a very weak form of security. For example, depending on the wallet, you can lose all of your crypto if you lose your phone. Even if you have multi-factor authentication for your wallet, it is still possible to lose everything. 

Crypto banks quite often have built-in redundancies to secure crypto keys. Some of these institutions can be considered better secured from a technological point of view than many traditional banks.. However, in 2022, there have been several failures with banks in the crypto world, so this is a very hot topic.

How to Open an Interest Account? 

Opening up a crypto savings account at PrimeXBT is very simple. You can do the process of opening up an account in very short order, and for most people would only take a few minutes. Once you get confirmation, you can enter your account dashboard. 

You can buy crypto from PrimeXBT or bring your own. Either way, you can deposit your Ethereum, Tether, and USDC into the savings account built into your trading account. It is powered by Covesting and offers a strong APY with flexible terms. This allows traders to come in and out of the program at will. There is no lockup time, and this makes perfect sense for traders currently sitting on their crypto and not doing anything with it but recognizing that sooner or later, they would like to move it without restriction. 


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Crypto savings accounts are a relatively new way to earn passive income and should be considered another tool in your crypto toolbox. That said, you need to be cautious about going “all in” with your crypto. You need to do significant research to determine who is reliable and has had issues. Safety of funds is the paramount concern.

Luckily, if you are a PrimeXBT customer, you can earn passive income built into the dashboard with a trusted crypto bank. This is especially important after many crypto banks have run into significant trouble. Remember that this is still a relatively new form of investing in a somewhat new asset. Because of this, the ability to withdraw your crypto at any time is something that you absolutely must demand. 

All of that being said, if you sit on cryptocurrency, it does make a certain amount of sense that you are in a little bit of passive income instead of simply storing it in a cold storage wallet where it will do no good. The longer-term trader will find this as a potential new form of return.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are crypto interest accounts safe?

It depends on where you deposit your crypto. 2022 has seen several bankruptcies, most notably Voyager and Celsius, but a little bit of due diligence goes a long way. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

How do crypto interest accounts work?

Crypto interest accounts should be considered similar to savings accounts and operate the same way you are used to. After all, the holder deposits a certain amount of crypto into an account and earns interest on that crypto. Some interest accounts have entirely flexible terms, while others have limitations. Make sure to read through all of the terms and conditions.

What is crypto interest?

Crypto interest is the same as a savings account. You earn more crypto if you deposit it and let it sit in the account and compound interest.. The provider will then lend your crypto to other people, paying you back a percentage of the interest they charge the borrowers.

How does crypto interest make money?

From the holder's perspective, you allow a lender to lend your crypto to other people. Those people pay interest to that lender, who takes a small cut and gives you the rest. Eventually, you get your crypto back, plus whatever interest is accrued. However, there’s the possibility that the crypto you are holding loses value, so the interest accrued may or may not keep up to remain profitable.

Is crypto interest taxable?

Yes, interest made on crypto is a taxable event in most countries.

Why are crypto interests so high?

It comes down to scarcity. The less crypto out there that’s available for borrowing, the higher the interest rates. Over time, interest rates in the crypto sphere should continue to drift lower as it becomes a much more common holding for people worldwide

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