Who Owns the Most Dogecoin? How Many DOGE Holders Are There?

The identity of the individual or entity who owns the most Dogecoin is unknown. However, it is believed that a few people own large existing amounts. It is speculated that the largest holder of Dogecoin has as much as 28% of the total supply, with some estimates suggesting that this account holds more than $2 billion worth of Dogecoin. These figures cannot be verified and remain a guess. Elon Musk could be the holder of the most DOGE, but a few others could be as well, including the founder.

How Many Dogecoin Holders are There?

As of May 2021, it is estimated that there are between 5 million and 7 million Dogecoin wallet holders worldwide. Many of these Dogecoin holders have been drawn to the low-cost and accessible cryptocurrency due to its growing popularity in recent years. The coin has been the subject of numerous social media campaigns, including a celebrity-backed push to make Dogecoin the official currency of Jamaica. While not successful, it shows the love of this cryptocurrency by Dogecoin owners. Holders number well into the millions and have been growing steadily over the last decade.

Dogecoin Holders: Who Owns the Most Dogecoins?

Dogecoin holders are a very social media-driven bunch. Dogecoin ownership is something that is bragged about online and on social media quite often. Because of this, it is often driven by hype more than anything else. The latest hype can push the price of DOGE much higher, just as a lack of enthusiasm can harm its pricing. The biggest Dogecoin whales tend to be ardent supporters online of the currency, and if there are rumblings that they are active in purchasing DOGE, it will sometimes create a snowball effect. Dogecoin whales are quite adamant that the coin can be used to make microtransactions online, which could have a real-world case use.

The biggest hope for the DOGE faithful is that it will be used for quick and straightforward transactions online. It may be a way to tip your favorite artists or pay for a small digital item, such as an article or song. It also makes much more sense to use DOGE for something like coffee instead of Bitcoin.

Exploring the Dogecoin Holders List

While it isn’t exactly clear who has the biggest Dogecoin wallet at any given time, as it is a fluid environment, some of the biggest whales on the Dogecoin holders list have been quite open about their investment in the coin. The biggest Dogecoin holders tend to be either part of the initial project or those in the entertainment industry. There is also the case of Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, who have implemented the acceptance of DOGE at the games.

Dogecoin millionaires

Dogecoin millionaires have become wealthy by buying and selling Dogecoin; a cryptocurrency started in 2013 as a joke or a “meme coin.” Initially, it was regarded as nothing more than a meme currency, but its value has risen dramatically over the last few years, making many of its early adopters extremely wealthy.

The term “Dogecoin millionaire” can also refer to holders of DOGE with over 1 million coins. This is the appeal of Dogecoin, which is cheap.

As it is cheap, it also makes it a great trading vehicle for short-term traders. With the availability of CFD markets, one can take advantage of leverage and the ability to go “short” DOGE or bet its price will fall when it comes. “Contract for Difference” markets are an agreement between the buyer and the seller to settle in cash at the end of the trade, based on an underlying instrument, in this case – DOGE. The CFD markets also allow you to speculate on price without the hassle of actually taking control of the coins themselves. It’s a simple process of picking the direction and trading.

PrimeXBT not only offers DOGE CFDs but many other cryptocurrency pairs as well. This means that you also can see the entirety of the crypto world and look for patterns in momentum or general risk appetite.

The biggest Dogecoin wallets

Some of the most prominent wallets are typically exchanges, which makes sense as they must facilitate trading. It also stands to reason that several foundational wallets are on this list. This includes Dogetipbot, Faucethub, Cryptsy Exchange, and the Doge Vault and Dogecoin Foundation.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much dogecoin does Elon musk own?

While there is no way to know for sure, it is suspected that Elon Musk owns over 28 billion Dogecoin. Regardless, he is considered one of the major holders. He is also one of its biggest evangelists online, and as a result, a simple meme posted by Musk can send the price of DOGE screaming higher.

Who is the highest holder of Dogecoin?

It is thought that Elon Musk owns the most Dogecoin. Many believe that he is the biggest DOGE whale. Dogecoin distribution continues to evolve, and many will buy more as prices drop.

Who are the top Dogecoin holders?

The list includes the creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, Snoop Dogg, and Elon Musk. This is a who’s who of the Dogecoin rich list. However, because of the large amount of Dogecoin available, it’s not a concern.

How many Dogecoin are left?

As of 2023, there are estimated to be roughly 115 billion left. At this point, it occasionally changes as to who owns the most Dogecoin, but the list has remained relatively stable over the last few years from what can be seen.
How quickly the next few billion disappear into wallets will come down to the latest social media buzz and the overall attitude of crypto itself. As Dogecoin is a speculative asset, it typically will need the more significant crypto markets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to rally to get momentum under it.

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