Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency with enormous long-term projected growth. This helpful Litecoin Price Prediction guide will help investors understand if LTC will rise like Bitcoin and reach prices of $1,000 or more in 2020 and what it will reach beyond 2025.



Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency, sparking an entire industry of altcoins created in hopes of improving upon what Bitcoin sought out to achieve. Among the most common improvements altcoins attempt to make over Bitcoin, is improved transaction speeds. Litecoin is the first crypto asset to do so successfully, and it has cemented Litecoin’s place in the crypto market and as a financial asset with long-term growth potential.


This Litecoin price prediction guide will help investors make an informed decision if Litecoin is right for them, help them understand if Litecoin will rise as Bitcoin has in the long term, and provide an all-around Litecoin forecast that will help to determine what could Litecoin be worth in 10 years.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?


What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency designed by former Google and engineer for a crypto exchange, Charlie “Satoshi Lite” Lee. Lee is a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency space, known for selling off his Litecoin holdings at the peak of the last crypto bubble. However, Lee cited the move was done to alleviate a potential conflict of interest.

Lee is still heavily involved in the project, and is the Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, a team dedicated to pushing Litecoin adoption, increasing its value proposition in the market, and establishing Litecoin growth in the long term.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

Litecoin’s code is a work of the Bitcoin Core client, and technically similar to Bitcoin. The main difference is a decreased block generation time of just 2.5 minutes, compared to Bitcoin’s ten minutes. This speeds up transaction times and its lightweight design is where the name “Lite Coin” came from.

Litecoin is among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, giving it additional value and long term value, and is part of the reason why LTC price predictions can go so high – the assets listed in the top ten are often the most promising projects in terms of estimated growth and projected value, making them sound investments in what is otherwise a risky market.

Litecoin gets additional value from being so closely tied to Bitcoin, and is commonly referred to as digital silver to Bitcoin’s digital gold narrative. Both assets have a hard-capped supply that gives the assets a scarcity aspect that is similar to precious metals.

According to recent LTC news, Litecoin has been regularly used as a testbed for upcoming second-layer applications that will eventually be applied to Bitcoin, such as Segregated Witness and the Lightning Network.


Litecoin in 2019 and the History of LTC

Litecoin is among the top 3 performing crypto asset of 2019, even beating out Bitcoin itself. At the start of 2019, after the bottom of the bear market was reached, many began to wonder “why is Litecoin going up” when the rest of the market is stagnant. However, Litecoin’s halving – a pre-programmed reduction in the block reward LTC miners receive – caused the LTC price to skyrocket, reaching over 600% returns before it began to correct.

The halving caused even the loftiest LTC price predictions for 2019 to be easily beaten, but shortly after that the market price of Litecoin began going down.

Now, once again crypto investors and traders interested in LTC are asking the questions 

 “will Litecoin go up in value,” “how high will Litecoin go,” and “will Litecoin ever reach 1000 dollars per LTC.” However, given how strong Litecoin has historically performed Litecoin will rise once again, and this LTC price forecast guide will reveal how much projected value and estimated growth in Litecoin’s market price will occur in the future.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?


Litecoin Experts Weigh in On Litecoin Projected Growth

The Litecoin forecast is bright, especially considering all of the support the crypto asset has earned from industry experts and big-name investors alike.


Dan Gambardello, Youtuber and Founder of Crypto Capital Venture

Crypto Capital Venture founder Dan Gambardello us exceptionally bullish on cryptocurrencies, but especially Bitcoin and Litecoin. Gambardello launched his own crypto-focused venture capital firm and looks to fund projects throughout the cryptocurrency industry. Not only is the nod of support from Gambardello significant, but he also has compared current price action in Litecoin to 2016’s price action, when Litecoin rallied to $300 after consolidating around $4 for some time. This time around, Gambardello believes Litecoin “Litecoin consolidates at around $70 before [a] massive run to $1,000+” in 2019.


Kim Rometo, Miami Dolphins Vice President & Chief Information Officer

In addition to Litecoin being named the official cryptocurrency of the UFC, it was also named the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins NFL football franchise. When the partnership was announced, Kim Rometo, Miami Dolphins Vice President & Chief Information Officer said that the “Miami Dolphins are always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience, and this partnership with Litecoin provides the ability for guests to enjoy our 50/50 raffle while donating to a great cause,” giving Litecoin its official stamp of approval.


Weiss Ratings, US-Based Investment Data Provider

Weiss Ratings is among the most respected investment data analysis firms in the financial market, providing investors with advice on which assets are expected to perform the best in the long term, but don’t offer any LTC price predictions. However, they do rate Litecoin as “excellent” in their ratings system, which is the highest remark any asset can receive.


Litecoin Historical Price Data

Litecoin’s supply is hard-capped at 84,000,000 LTC, with 63,240,704 LTC in circulation. In 2017 Litecoin reached its all-time high of $360.66 before falling back down to roughly $20 before bouncing back higher ahead of the halving in 2019.

At its height in 2019, Litecoin was trading at $140 per LTC coin, nearly half of its all-time high and an over 600% gain from its bottom price. Litecoin future price is only expected to increase from here.

Litecoin price has come a long way since it first launched many years ago. It started its price at around $3 per LTC, and has gone through a number of bubble cycles or “alt seasons” that have helped drive up the price significantly before a small correction occurs. Despite the corrections, Litecoin has a strong long-term price trajectory and outlook that suggest that Litecoin potential is extremely high.


Litecoin Price Technical Analysis and Price Potential

Technical analysis can be used to help investors and traders come up with a short-term and long-term price prediction for Litecoin, beyond just speculation. Here’s a breakdown of LTC price predictions broken down by year from some of the best industry analysts.


Litecoin Price Prediction 2020

Analyst DCN Crypto Cartel has made a LTC price prediction of $141, the previous high price before the Litecoin halving took place. Right before the halving occurred, Litecoin price began to drop, forming a bullish wedge pattern. The analyst suggests that the Litecoin broke up from the pattern and is targeting a retest of the former high in 2020.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

Another analyst, named Moe Mentum, has a bearish view for Litecoin in 2020, expecting it to close out the year around $31.16 before it begins to rebound. This price level is above the former bear market bottom, which would make $31 a higher lower on longer timeframes, which would be bullish in the long term.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

Analyst Fract sees a bit more bullish action from LTC in 2019 and 2020, which would take the price of the crypto asset to a target of $425 potentially – which would be a new all-time high for Litecoin.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?


Litecoin Price Prediction 2021 – 2022

Ambassador J’s analysis shows much Litecoin potential, that is if a massive cup and handle pattern plays out on Litecoin price charts. If that happens, the analyst is expecting a return to the previous LTC all-time high of $360.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

Clark05 also sees a bullish cup and handle pattern forming on LTC charts, but this analyst’s price target is lower at around $229. Cup and handle patterns are exceptionally bullish price patterns that suggest a powerful move is ahead. A cup and handle of this size could have tremendous upside price potential.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?


Litecoin Price Prediction 2023 – 2025

The longer the timeframe, the higher the LTC price prediction. In Alizefans analysis, the trader sees Litecoin price reaching a realistic peak of $4,736 in the next five years, with bullish momentum really taking off in 2023. The prediction is helpful to understand what heights Litecoin can potentially achieve in the future.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?

While the previous prediction was high, the next price prediction suggests that Litecoin will moon significantly by 2025, bringing the price of Litecoin to as much as $80,000 per LTC token.

Litecoin Price Prediction | How Much Will Litecoin Rise?


Conclusion: Is Litecoin a Good Investment and How Much Will LTC Be Worth?

Using the analysis from some of the industry’s best analysts and traders, LTC projected growth could reach a profitable projection as high as $80,000 in the long-term outlook, which would make it among the best performing assets of all-time, next to Bitcoin.

Litecoin has been struggling to reclaim its previous all-time high, and according to analysis lower prices could be met before some of the biggest price predictions are ever reached. On the lowest end of the scale, analysts see $31 as the absolute bottom for Litecoin in the days ahead. 

The below table can be used as a quick reference for the minimum and maximum projections that can be expected for Litecoin from 2019 to 2025. Beyond that, anything is possible depending on how widely cryptocurrencies are adopted and if they begin to replace fiat currencies like the Euro or USD.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2019 $141 $30
2020 $425 $81
2021 $1,000 $157
2022 $4,736 $1,298
2023 – 2025 $80,000 $8,721


Due to how far Litecoin has come, growing from low prices around $3 to as much as $360 at its all-time high peak price, it’s clear that Litecoin is a strong performing investment. With the asset’s price rising and falling to such extremes, Litecoin is a trader’s dream as they can profit from both long and short positions as LTC bounces between peak and trough.

Traders can take advantage of similar tools provided by trading platforms like PrimeXBT, and open positions with up to 100x leverage on either the LTC/USD pair, or the LTC/BTC pair.

PrimeXBT offers Litecoin alongside other popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS, as well as traditional assets such as the most popular forex currencies, commodities, stock indices, and spot contracts for gold and silver.

Litecoin has garnered the attention from the likes of many sports leagues, and is the official cryptocurrency sponsor of the UFC, the MMA brand also known as Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Litecoin also has strong support in the development community, and is often used as a testbed for other digital currency projects, due to how much developer activity the crypto asset has, and due to how simple it is to work with.

Litecoin has also consistently stayed in the crypto market top ten by market cap, a feat that not many other altcoins can claim. Litecoin is supported by most countries regulatory entities, as it is among the earliest cryptocurrencies to hit the market. It is also extremely popular with retail investors, traders, and more.

Litecoin’s strength in the market shows frequently, as it is the altcoin asset that most commonly leads rallies, and its recent halving helped pull Litecoin, Bitcoin, and the rest of the crypto market out of a bear market and into a bull market.

With so much going on in Litecoin’s favor, it is easy to see why analysts and industry experts have made such strong Litecoin price predictions. Using the facts and predictions found in this guide, investors can determine if investing in or trading Litecoin is right for them.

Disclaimer: All price predictions are from cryptocurrency industry analysts, and other Ripple investors and traders, and not from PrimeXBT, and should not be considered investment advice. Investing in any asset class can be risky. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Also be sure to choose the right trading platform – one with many advanced features, bank-grade security, and 100x leverage on crypto-assets such as PrimeXBT.

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