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    Stock Index FAQs

    A Stock Index is like a team of popular players in a game. It shows how well the team (group of Stocks) is doing. Calculating it is a bit like finding the average score – we add up the points of all the players (Stocks) and see how the team (Index) is performing.
    Stock Index prices can be affected by various things. These include the overall health of the economy, politics, and corporate earnings reports from the companies in a Stock Index. Additionally, the latest global events and data can also often cause movement in the real time prices for major Indices.
    Not all Stocks in an Index are created equal. Some Stocks weigh more than others. So, if the prices of these “heavier” Stocks move a lot, they can affect the price of the entire Stock Index. When the prices of Stocks with lower weights in an Index move, the overall effect on the Stock Index price is minimal. Examples of how Stock market Indices can be weighted include price-weighted, value-weighted, and unweighted
    Major Stock indices, like the SP500, Dow Jones, or NASDAQ, focus on different Stocks. The S&P 500 is like an all-star game, the Dow Jones is a bit like the old-school team, and the NASDAQ is for tech lovers. As with other markets, and trading in general, which Stock Index you choose to follow and trade depends entirely on you. It is often useful to focus on markets, or in this case, Indices or Stocks that you are familiar with.
    Before jumping in, remember there are risks. Our real time Index data can be your guide, but it's smart to do some extra homework. Understand the market, get to know the Stocks included in an Index well before you trade, and ensure you always use appropriate tools to manage your risk.

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