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EUR/JPY Exchange Rate

Market Cap USD
24h Vol (Global) USD
Circulating Supply EUR
Current date
Euro Price Chart

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Explore the Euro/Japanese Yen live chart. With this interactive tool, you can review the price of EUR/JPY, analyze rate trends in real time, track the EUR/JPY pair exchange rate in historic terms, and build your trading strategy to trade EUR/JPY with leverage on PrimeXBT.

Euro-Japanese Yen (EUR/JPY)

The Euro vs. Japanese Yen exchange rate is represented by this Forex quote. EUR (the "base currency") is exchanged for JPY (the "counter currency"). The Yen has historically been a low-yielding currency, making it an appealing vehicle for carrying out carry trades (where traders borrow cheaply in JPY to buy higher-yielding currencies, including EUR).

Currency Information


The euro is the European Union's monetary unit and currency, denoted by the sign €. It was first introduced as a non cash monetary unit in 1999, then as currency notes and coins in 2002. The euro replaced the currencies of participating EU countries as well as certain non-EU countries.

Japanese Yen

JPY is the currency sign or acronym for the Japanese yen (JPY), which is the country's currency. It is made up of 100 sen or 1000 rin and is frequently depicted as a capital letter Y with two horizontal dashes running through the center: ¥

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