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CAD/CHF Exchange Rate

Canadian Dollar
Market Cap USD
24h Vol (Global) USD
Circulating Supply CAD
Current date
Canadian Dollars Price Chart

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Explore the Canadian Dollars/Swiss Francs live chart. With this interactive tool, you can review the price of CAD/CHF, analyze rate trends in real time, track the CAD/CHF pair exchange rate in historic terms, and build your trading strategy to trade CAD/CHF with leverage on PrimeXBT.

Canadian Dollars-Swiss Francs (CAD/CHF)

This is a currency exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar versus the Swiss Franc. The value of one CAD (the "base currency") is quoted in CHF in this quote (the "counter currency"). Because Canada exports a large amount of natural resources, particularly oil, the Canadian Dollar is often referred to as a "commodity currency." In practice, this makes it vulnerable to the ebb and flow of investor sentiment on global economic growth. Meanwhile, Switzerland has a long history of serving as a safe haven and harbor for foreigners seeking private banking. CAD/CHF is a notable carry trade vehicle because it represents the relationship between a growth-oriented, higher-yielding currency and a safety-oriented, low-yielding currency.

Currency Information

Canadian Dollars

Canada's currency is the Canadian dollar (symbol: $; code: CAD; French: dollar canadien). To distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies, it is abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or sometimes CA$, Can$, or C$. It's broken down into 100 cents (¢).

Swiss Francs

In European countries, the Swiss Franc is the sole currency still in use. 100 centimes make up the Franc. Franc is represented by the sign Fr. The Swiss National Bank issues banknotes, whereas the Swiss Mint is in charge of coin production.

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